Energy Efficiency Contractor Portal


Are you a Facility Manager, Plant Manager, Hospital Administrator or in another commercial building supervisor role? Are you considering, planning or implementing an installation of energy efficiency measures in your facility? You may be eligible for cash incentives by participating in one of Oncor’s Energy Efficiency programs.

Our Self-Provider programs provide incentives to participating service providers overseeing high-demand properties (more than 50 kW) within the Oncor service territory who are planning to install energy efficiency measures onsite.

Oncor’s programs assist commercial and industrial customers in reducing demand and energy usage. Whether installing a new chiller or more efficient lighting, these programs offer monetary incentives to assist with your efforts.

See if you may be eligible for one of our self-provider programs:

  • Basic Commercial Standard Offer Program

    This includes national or local energy service companies, companies providing energy-related services, retail electric providers and self-sponsors with commercial on-peak demand exceeding 50 kW... Learn more.

  • Load Management Standard Offer Program

    This includes national or local energy service companies, retail electric provider and individual customers that identify curtailable load in their own facilities.... Learn more.

What are the incentives for service providers?

Commercial program incentives are subject to change yearly.

Independent companies called service providers participate in these programs. These service providers offer various energy-efficiency services based on their expertise.

Incentive payments from Oncor are paid directly to these service providers who may pass on the incentive to the customer or may use the incentive to offset the project cost to help pay for the energy efficiency improvement. The amount the customer could possibly pay should be discussed with the service provider prior to any work being started/completed.

I’m ready to sign up!

We look forward to a long-term partnership with you and your company. Follow these simple steps to start the sign-up process:

  1. Read and complete our Agreement and provide your company information including tax ID number. Oncor will review for approval and provide you with a username and password
  2. Log into the Energy Efficiency Program Manager (EEPM) portal and complete your service provider profile
  3. Request association program applications for which you’re interested in through the help desk at 1-866-258-1874 or e-mail at eepmsupport@oncor.com

As part of the profile, you will need the following*:

  • A commitment to fulfilling the program’s objectives and competency in completing the proposed project
  • A description of your service provider firm, including relevant experience, areas of expertise and business references
  • Proof of applicable insurance, licenses and permits in your company’s name
  • Evidence of good credit rating
* Certain programs may require additional information or certifications. For full list of requirements, check your selected program’s manual.


Contact the EEPM Help Desk from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. on weekdays: